How to help the summer settle on your skin for long? Ways of having permanently tanned skin and summer make-up


Sadly, the summer is coming to an end but somehow it’s still hard for us to shift to cooler temperatures and wearing thicker clothing. The only thing that you can do to extend the lifespan of your suntan is through using the right cosmetics. Bronzer, eyeshadows, powder, self-tanners… They are just some of the products prolonging the summer looks. How to use them right?

Summer looks for longer

The fundamental rule of preserving summer look is non-application of full-coverage foundations. Instead, its way better to use moisturising and mattifying make-up bases and BB creams of light formula. If your face features visible imperfections in the form of discolorations, wrinkles and acne, just a full-coverage concealer will do. Are highlighting products recommended to prolong suntan? This depends if there is still warm outside. If it is, there is no point in applying a thick layer of make-up. High temperature and high humidity will encourage this blemishing skin shine you want to stay away from.

Eye make-up vs. suntan

Summer face looks also includes eye make-up. It doesn’t have to be heavy and dark, but rather light and radiant. You don’t have to use full-coverage concealers or eyeshadows. You can go for cosmetics of natural shade that feature sparkling particles. The most beautiful colours of eyeshadows will be: bronzes, copper, peachy, pink, green and golds. Don’t forget about champagne-coloured cosmetics which will play in tune with the above-mentioned shades.

What about eyeshadow primer? You should consider it essential because it won’t only extend the lifespan of eyeshadows but also will gift you with natural looks. A highlighter is also important. Apply it in such a way to make eyes look bigger. Therefore, put it on the inner corners of the eyes, under eyebrow arch, to Cupid’s brow and to the top of cheekbones.

Use a pencil to darken brow line; you can also apply it to the outer corner of the eye. Since we are still in this summer vibe, we can go crazy with the colour of pencil. This time leave all the black and brown-coloured pencils and go for pencils that match your iris colour. You can do the same with a mascara. Use two various shades for upper and lower lashes.

Sunny blush

Despite cheeks getting tanned really fast, you shouldn’t forget to gift them with a dash of colour and freshness. Obviously, a regular blushers will do the job here. Its shade should be as close to your natural lip shade as possible. Remember to apply it in minimum, delicately sweeping the cheeks with it. If you are planning to apply a highlighter then remember to apply a matte blusher.

Lips on holiday

Your summer look will be topped up thanks to the right lip make-up. To do it, use a lipstick and a lip liner of nude shade. Also, you can go for subtle lip glosses which you can apply to the centre of your lips. It’s important to fix the lip make-up with powder and put blotting papers to your bag.

When suntan starts vanishing…

It’s worth reaching for a bronzer that will deliver you the effect of sun-kissed skin. Apply it to the very face parts that get tanned the fastest. To clarify, they are temples, brow arches, the bridge of nose, cheekbones, jawline, the sides of neck, cleavage and shoulders. Apply the bronzer gradually so as not to overdo with the saturation and obtain weird-looking effect that is far from being natural. Use a big, fluffy brush to delicately sweep your body with it.

Make-up vs. season

Our make-up should change together with the passing seasons. When the summer is over, it’s worth going for cosmetics of stronger shades, and the summer products frequently featuring sparkling particles should be put somewhere safe to wait for the next summer. Replace the summer colour palette to autumn palette which features colours of earth and nature. Don’t resign from a bronzer, highlighter and blusher yet, because thanks to them your skin will be gifted with radiant, healthy and summer look.

What are your tricks for helping the summer settle on your skin for long?

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