Monsieur Big or “a big mistake” – New mascara by Lancome. My review

Hi, Girls! You have expected that this day will come, didn’t you? You knew that once new high-end mascara will appear, I will immediately get it and test it — especially for you. New mascara by Lancome with daring name Monsieur Big has quite flattering reviews on the Internet. Was it equally good in my test? Oh… Monsieur… You brag a little too much, wouldn’t[…]

Flawless Eyelashes! Lashcode Mascara – Instant Care & Volume

To the ones who are interested – enjoy the cosmetic dessert! Today the review of the makeup success – Lashcode mascara. Why is the product my blog’s guest? Read on to find out all details. My eyelashes had a hard time when I got a Chinese mascara for birthday and tried it out of curiosity. It worked quite well in makeup but sadly my lashes suffered a[…]

Cosmetic treat for the Supernatural fans — Join the Hunt Eye shadow Palette

Carry on my wayward sonFor there’ll be peace when you are doneLay your weary head to restDon’t you cry no more If you are one of these women who just have to play this piece at least once a day and think a little about the Winchester brothers — then this is the post for you. Today, I have something really special for you, because[…]

NATURATIV Body Balms – My way to natural suntan

Definitely, summer is just around the corner although, it isn’t so obvious when you take a look through the window. Today I can see rain and the weather is rather cool but I’m trying to get the positive attitude since the days full of serene, summer laziness are coming! What is important in this period? To feel and look exceptionally! Natural suntan before summer The[…]

Getting tanned without the sun? What bronzing cosmetics imitate natural suntan?

Hi Girls, The summer is in its full swing. We do our best to catch every single sun ray because we want our skin to be chocolate-like brownish. Unfortunately, there is a group of girls who can’t enjoy this summer activity because of their sensitive skin, allergies or some ailments that hamper exposing their bodies to the sun. Luckily enough, they can have brown skin[…]