Cluster lashes for self application (DIY)

DIY Eyelash Extensions – Nanolash Cluster Lashes Tested and Reviewed!

Long, well-taken-care-of lashes have always been my priority. I used to get eyelash extensions done at the salon regularly. Though I liked the result, I didn’t like how long they lasted. Recently I’ve come across DIY eyelash cluster extensions from the brand Nanolash. They promise simple application and long-lasting lash styles, staying put for even five days. Can you apply false lashes in just ten[…]

Nanoil top-rated hair styling spray

Fabulous Hairstyle Regardless of Conditions? Only with Nanoil Hair Styling Spray!

Hi, there! I know it’s quite hard to find a multitasking hair styling primer that additionally protects from weather conditions. Usually hair doesn’t look its best on a freezing, windy or red-hot day. Even using a mousse or hair spray doesn’t save it from losing volume. That’s a problem I tend to have. I think what Mother Nature gave us sometimes needs enhancements, and that’s[…]

[REVIEW] Nanoil Hyaluronic Face Serum. Does it seem to be the best serum with hyaluronic acid?

Hey! Have you noticed how fast Hyaluronic Face Serum by Nanoil is taking over the cosmetics market? Have you come across reviews and comments published by the users who are bewitched with the amazing results given by this new skincare product? I did some digging and I discovered what makes this face serum so powerful and effective. I was wondering what interesting facts hyaluronic acid there[…]

Sephora Winter Collection. Eye and face makeup palettes Wonderful Stars and Winter Magic Palette

Hello,  Winter has finally arrived! The snow crunches under the shoes and frost paints icy patterns on our windows. What else could you ask for…well, there is something a woman would like to have. Cosmetics! But not any cosmetics –  the special ones that will help you create a beautiful winter and Christmas makeup. I am talking about two makeup palettes Wonderful Stars and Winter Magic[…]