Lasplash Lip Couture – Waterproof matte finish lipstick

I was looking for this perfect lipstick that would meet my expectations, for a really long time. I expect a lot from my lip make-up — it needs to be long-lasting, has vivid colour, matte finish and easy application. Too much? Not at all, because when I pay big numbers for the lipstick, then this is what should make it stand out from the cheap ones.


Lip Couture by Lasplash is a waterproof lipstick with an ideal matte finish, that amazed me with its consistency, colours, not too high price and numerous other things. Truly, I recommend it to everyone who cherishes products’ quality even a bit. You will not be disappointed.

Why should you try Lasplash Lip Couture?

  • great price as for such a high-quality product;
  • 23 different colours (a lot);
  • diversified shades — from pastel pink to gold, silver and black;
  • long hours wear even in unfavourable conditions;
  • the combination of high pigmentation and care.

To me, the most important is that when you apply lipstick in the morning, it stays on intact till the evening. If I’d like to go out right after work for a party, I would not even have to apply it for the second time. This is the first matte lipstick to not gather in the lip crease, not to flake, crack and making your lips look unnatural. You will not “eat” it during the day, which is common for other cosmetics. Lasplash Lip Couture is a special tasks lipstick.

Lasplash Lip Couture is available in many shades

For those of you who like to know stuff like that, these are: Innocent Vixen (beautiful warm nude), Rose Garden (dusky pink), Ghoulish (dark dusky pink), Summer Bliss (juicy pink), Forbidden (juicy pink with violet tones), Retro Bettie (classic red), Poison Apple (dark red), Lollipop (expressive sweet pink), Aphrodite (slightly brown nude), Criminal (deep party violet), Cryptic (subtle grey), Hidden Desires (wild violet with a pinch of pink), Honey Blonde (amazing caramel nude), Latte Confession (dusky beige red), Malevolent (the queen of intense violet), Og-Ghoulish (cooler version of dusky pink), Persephone (shimmering brown), Rhea (unusual shade of green), Till Midnight (mix of red and orange), Untamed (cherry brown), Vampire (deep claret), Venom (total black) and Vindictive (cool grey with blue pigment).

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