Sephora Winter Collection. Eye and face makeup palettes Wonderful Stars and Winter Magic Palette


Winter has finally arrived! The snow crunches under the shoes and frost paints icy patterns on our windows. What else could you ask for…well, there is something a woman would like to have. Cosmetics! But not any cosmetics –  the special ones that will help you create a beautiful winter and Christmas makeup. I am talking about two makeup palettes Wonderful Stars and Winter Magic Palette.

Wonderful Stars face and eye makeup palette

It comes in a cute, pink packaging with adorable pictures of animals. Inside, there is a mirror and a set of cosmetics thanks to which you will be able to create stunning makeups. You will get: matte and shimmery eyeshadows (9), to cheek blushes, and one highlighter. Some of the products are star-shaped, which immediately brings winter aura to our mind. Wonderful Stars cosmetics have bright shades of pink, bronze, blue and gold.

What kind of makeup can you make with this palette from Sephora?

With the use of Wonderful Stars, you will be able to create a delicate eye and face makeup. Your new look will be perfect for a date, a walk in the park among the snow-covered trees. Eyeshadows, blushes and the highlighter are not very pigmented. If you wish to go for a more dramatic effect, you must apply extra layers of the cosmetics to enhance the colours. The best part of this set is that you can use the products interchangeably: apply the blush or highlighter to your eyes and bright eyeshadows to your cheeks.

Winter Magic palette from Sephora 

There is a funny picture with a fox and eight eyeshadows. They give you a matte and pearl finish – both suitable for every occasion. The palette includes natural shades, like white, bronze, beige with grey pigments, and a black one. Unfortunately, there are no applicators nor a mirror to facilitate the use. That is a pity, especially for someone who only starts their makeup journey.

The cosmetics from Winter Magic palette will allow you to make a natural look. Their pigmentation is average, for a more intensive look, you will have to apply another layer of the cosmetic. Such look will definitely fit a family gathering at a holiday dinner. If you want to experiment with the palette, you can use the bright eyeshadows on your cheekbones instead of a highlighter or to replace a blush, this way one palette will be enough to do the entire makeup. Surely, the effects will be stunning!

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