Mud, Clay, Volcano Ash, Active Charcoal… Will These Ingredients Enhance Your Skin?


You have no idea how many valuable ingredients the Earth conceals. Cosmetologists have learnt to make use of them. Most of these precious substances can be found in beauty products. What are their skin benefits? Must check it out!

Active charcoal face mask

Charcoal has amazing properties. It cleans the skin pores, brightens the skin and gently exfoliates. At drugstores, you’ll find lots of charcoal beauty products; facial masks are the hits. Charcoal has adsorption properties so it absorbs all impurities that are on the skin: sebum, product build-up, sweat, dust, toxins, dead skin cells. Additionally, it is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Active charcoal cosmetics are suitable for acne-prone skin due to degreasing and mattifying benefits. Interestingly, charcoal cures dandruff and oily scalp. Added to a toothpaste, it removes stains.

Let’s wallow in the mud!

Dead Sea Mud – common in beauty products – is rich in ingredients that enhance the good looks. These include minerals, sulphates, carbonate minerals, chlorides. Dead Sea Mud products are designed for dry, atopic and problematic skin. It’s a brilliant remedy for cellulite, stretch marks and the skin that loses firmness. Mud purifies, rejuvenates, delivers skin elasticity and smoothness.

Cosmetic clays. Spoilt for choice

Clays are common in form of scrubs, masks, baths, compresses. There are a few types of this conditioning powder, designed for various skin types and giving different effects.

  1. White clay, which contains magnesium, silicon dioxide and zinc, purifies, smoothes and soothes; it’s best for the dry, sensitive and problematic skin.
  2. Green clay, high in iron, is cut out for acne skin, having anti-bacterial, cleansing and mattifying power.
  3. Red clay with copper strengthens the walls of blood vessels; it’s perfect for treating broken capillaries.
  4. Yellow clay, rich e.g. in potassium and iron, regulates the sebum secretion, soothes inflammation and makes wounds heal more quickly. It’s recommended for the acne-prone skin.
  5. Grey clay is a mix of different clays and active charcoal. It is best for combination or mature skin and hair care. It smoothes wrinkles, moisturises and cleanses. Grey clay is included in scrubs, masks, hand and foot care products, bath bombs.

Volcano Ash

Polynesian volcano ash is used due to the absorption and exfoliating qualities. Among others, it’s included in products that work on the skin surface: scrubs, masks, washing cosmetics. It is full of minerals that are extremely valuable for the entire body care.

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