My huge make-up palette: Into the Stars by Sephora

Hello Girls,

I guess, cosmetics sets have to find their place at every cosmetoholic’s home. I have Into the Stars bought in Sephora. It’s just massive and enables me to do make-up without applying any other products. How does it look like and is it useful for daily make-up? You’re going to find this out thanks to my today’s entry.

How does Into the Stars palette look like?

The palette houses 130 colours, 5 types of cosmetics, 2 self-teaching make-up manuals and 1 mirror. Everything is arranged on four levels and the case resembles diamond when closed. Therefore, inside we have got: 80 eye shadows, 5 bronzers and highlighters, 5 blushers, 10 cream eyeliners, 5 eyebrow shades and 5 concealers. Of course, all the products have different shades (ranging from natural to vivid) and provide various types of make-up finish (i.e. matte, pearl, shimmering). Thanks to such a palette, each girl, no matter of her complexion, will be able to create her dream make-up.

Into the Stars – My opinion

I like Into the Stars for the fact that it stores all necessary cosmetics in one place. I put the palette on my dressing table and apply make-up. All I need to change are the brushes because all colour cosmetics are ready to be used. The products’ lifespan is satisfactory, they are easy to apply and present well when put on skin. Does Into the Stars have any drawbacks? Well, some cosmetics have very similar shades, so I think that the producer might have replaced them with others. When I was buying the palette I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to use up all the products before their date of minimal use expires. However, now I know that if somebody applies make-up on a daily basis then most of the cosmetics will be used up.

Into the Stars palette – Exemplary make-up idea

Before using the palette, prepare your face skin: apply a moisturiser and a sunscreen (if the sun is shining brightly). Then, with the use of Into the Stars concealers try to mask skin imperfections: dark circles under eyes, discolorations, broken capillaries and other red marks. Remember that a colour a particular concealer has camouflages particular type of imperfections. Time for the foundation! Actually, I’m glad that this palette doesn’t contain any foundations. Just imagine how many shades would have to be put in the palette to match all complexions. When the foundation finally blends with your complexion’s colour, you can start contouring your face. Use a bronzer, a blusher and a highlighter. The last step is eye make-up. After all, you have got an abundance of eye shadows and eyeliners to choose from… Match their colours with an event, outfit or complexion. All that’s left is coating the lashes with a mascara. Your make-up with Into the Stars palette is now ready!

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