Things you just cannot do! Bad habits that make you lose beauty


They are our habits, behaviours taken from mothers and friends or spied on the web and on social networks. Meanwhile, they can be harmful to our skin or our hair. What are we talking about? It’s the habits through which you lose your beauty. Can you somehow unlearn them? And how to protect ourselves from them?

Tightly tied hair 

Smoothly combed, tightly tucked up hair (that will survive even the strongest wind). A tightly tied hairdo is not always a good solution. It’s a fact that the ponytails and braids will be fashionable this season. However, this hairstyle can be dangerous to the scalp and hair bulbs. A tightly bound elastic band can weaken hair and lead to increased hair loss. What’s more, the hairstyle treated with smoothing out cosmetics every day will not look the best; not to mention the scalp. Dandruff, irritation and itchiness may occur. A much better way is to wear the hair loose and relieve the hair roots. Remember that fashion does not always go hand in hand with health.

Dirty gadgets and accessories 

The tweezers, scissors, nail files and other metal accessories should be disinfected after each use. Otherwise, when you use a dirty gadget, you may get infected and irritation may occur. For cleaning, use a special liquid that you can buy at the pharmacy. This way you will avoid irritations and protect your cosmetic accessories from faster wear.

Say cheese! 

Did you know that too strong tooth brushing weakens the enamel and can irritate the gums? All you need is three minutes, during which you will remove the sediment, bacteria and remnants of food from your teeth. Also, this will allow to massage the gums and cleanse the sides of the mouth and tongue. For better results, use dental floss and a mouthwash every day. You can either choose a soft toothbrush or an electric one. What’s more, remember to brush your teeth after each meal.

Do not overdo with pills/tablets

Yes, dietary supplements and vitamins are important for the proper functioning of the body. However, you should choose and consume them consciously, because an overdose of even a seemingly safe vitamin C can be dangerous in consequences. If you want to start the supplementation, consult a doctor – they will advise you on the right products and appropriate doses.

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