My fav skin and hair care gadgets: Wet Brush-Pro, Donegal, Kryolan, Elit


I bet, every girl has her own secret tricks concerning taking care of skin and hair. In most cases, these include applying expensive cosmetics on a daily basis, regular visits at a beautician/SPA or putting homemade products on. My secret is using a few gadgets that combined with appropriate, constant care and make-up brings out marvellous effects. Which accessories do I make use of?

Wet Brush-Pro hair brush

It’s said to be better than this much-hyped Tangle Teezer because it combs wet strands with no difficulty. At the same time, it neither jerks nor pulls hair off. Also, there is no problem when it comes to scalp irritations. Wet Brush-Pro has soft bristle which easily deals with even very tangled hair. The brush doesn’t make any problems with keeping it clean and the material the item is made of doesn’t cause any allergy reactions. My hair accessory isn’t expensive at all and, to me, it’s size is fairly small (I often carry it with me to work).

Cosmetic accessories by Donegal

There are a few items by Donegal that help me manage my skin. The most important are face cleansing pad and tweezers for eyebrow shaping. The pad features short bristle which enables to wash face and peel skin with no difficulty. Which may surprise you, I use it even to wash my make-up brushes. I find it perfect for removing face masks, too. All skin types tolerate the item well. To make the matter even greater, this pad costs just a few pennies. The second gadget by Donegal, the tweezer, always helps me with shaping my eyebrows as well as doing perfect eye make-up. It’s ends are cut at angle, thanks to which I experience literary no problems with removing even the shortest hair.

Kryolan make-up sponges

I guess, almost everyone knows Kryolan brand, right? Although this brand’s cosmetics are mainly designed for artistic and stage make-up, each of us can use them as well. The same thing applies to the sponges. They distribute a foundation together with other liquid products flawlessly. They are soft, feature small pores and are triangular in shape – thanks to this particular feature, the sponge facilitates delivering the product to the hard-to-reach places like corners of the eyes, lips, and near the sides of a nose. This make-up accessory can be used no matter a skin type. Moreover, they don’t contain latex and are one-use-only. And this is the very reason why the producer recommends them especially to sensitive skin owners.

Elit eyelash curler

This is an irreparable accessory when it comes to eyelash make-up. Despite its main task, it fixes the effect of enhanced eyes. It costs a few pennies and is available at any drugstore’s. When I want my eyelashes to remain curled throughout the entire day, I make accessory warm by directing at it a hot stream of air generated by a blow-dryer. And a very important piece of information: coat your eyelashes after using the eyelash curler, not before.

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