My new set of cosmetics from Benefit: Beauty & The Bay


I just love cosmetics that come in sets! My newest one is Beauty & The Bay from Benefit Cosmetics. Now, I am able to create my favourite makeup every morning in no time. Thanks to it, I look and feel amazing! What products come in the set? What effects do they provide? Keep reading and see for yourself. 

Beauty & The Bay from Benefit Cosmetics

With the newest set from Benefit Cosmetics, you get three, full-sized cosmetics and one mini. The box includes High Brow pencil, They’re Real mascara, Hoola bronzing powder and High Beam highlighter. Only the last product – the highlighter – comes in a mini version. The cosmetics are hidden in an orange and pink tin in the shape of a ball with drawings that are typical for Benefit.

Face Make-up Cosmetics 

Here we have two iconic products, the all-time favourite Hoola matte bronzer and the one and only High beam liquid face highlighter. The first product is very popular and loved by those who value natural look. The bronzer comes in a dark purple square box with a mirror and an applicator – a small brush. Hoola bronzer is to be used for face contouring and to prolong the effect of a tanned skin. Where can you apply it? To your chin, temples and under your cheekbones. The second cosmetic is the High Beam highlighter. It has a light pink shade which promises a romantic and gentle look. It leaves the skin dewy and fresh-looking. How to use it? Blend this satiny pink liquid highlighter over makeup onto cheek & brow bones…or anywhere you want a glance to linger. Sometimes, it can even replace your eyeshadows.

Eye Make-up Cosmetics

The set also includes the High brow highlight & lift pencil and They’re Real mascara. The pencil from Benefit Cosmetics fulfils two tasks: it visually opens up the eyes and brightens the skin around them. I like to apply it to the waterline and under the arch of my brows. The way the look seems more prominent and face is younger-looking. Moreover, the mascara will be a great solution for women who have naturally short, thin and bright lashes. They’re Real will increase their volume, thickness and length. It gives the effect of ‘eyes wide open’ and it lasts long on the lashes. Thanks to this cosmetic, the look is more exaggerated and elegant. What is more, this mascara comes off easily during the make-up removal thus it does not damage the lashes nor it is harmful to the delicate skin around the eyes.

Are you also a fan of cosmetic sets? Do you like Benefit Cosmetics? Have you ever tried any of the above-mentioned products? Let me know!

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