How do I take care of my eye skin area? Treatments and cosmetics for women at all ages

Hello girls!

Women’s skin of all ages require various care methods. Young girls (like we) should use completely different cosmetics than our mums or grandmas do. If you would like to learn how to take care of eye skin area, read my entry to the very end.

20+ SKIN

Skin is slowly ageing. It’s becoming thinner, dehydrated and sensitive. It gets damaged by the sun, all-night parties, stimulants and by the constant staring either at laptop or smartphone screen. As a result, we can observe dark circles under eyes, swellings, and in some cases even wrinkles. I know what I’m talking about girls… Luckily, there is a simple solution that deals with these adverse outcomes. The most important issue here is systematic moisturisation and massaging. Basically, all you should do from now on is following these instructions every evening and it won’t take you long to notice your skin around eyes becoming firm, radiant and beautiful. I’ve tested this method and can recommend it to you!

30+ SKIN

After turning 30, skin is gradually getting more wrinkled. It’s easy to notice crow’s feet, fine lines and forehead wrinkles. When you smile, the wrinkles become even more obvious. How to smooth them out? Unfortunately, it isn’t possible but the good news is that you can reduce their visibility. My mum used retinol which helped her a lot. She sometimes combined it with cream and hyaluronic acid. Moreover, twice a month my mum visits a beauty parlour. She claims that the best skin tautening treatment is either the ultrasound one or the high pressure oxygen procedure.

40+ SKIN

Skin of women having more than 40 years is very thin and prone to damages. More and more wrinkles become visible, and the ones which have already been on the face skin, are even more obvious. What to do? Exercise your eye muscles: just keep opening and closing your eyelids for a few minutes. Day and night apply lifting creams with the collagen, algae and coenzyme Q10 content. When at a beauty parlour’s, you can undergo treatments that depend on injecting hyaluronic acid or Botox. I think this is a very good way to treat your skin around eyes, which you can recommend to your mums and grandmas.

50+ SKIN

Again, the skin of eyelids and around them is very thin. The skin folds that are located above eyes become saggy and start dropping down hiding the eyelids. The result? The face looks fatigued and you are flooded with thousands of questions like ‘Why haven’t you got enough sleep tonight?’ Fortunately, you can deal with this. Just massage your eye skin area with cooled down in a refrigerator cosmetics containing peptides.

What are your methods of coping with eye skin area imperfections?

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