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Eyeshadow palettes from Huda Beauty are my newest cosmetic purchase. There are four of them, but each offers a various set of shades and gives different effects. How do they work for me?

Obsessions eyeshadow palettes from Huda Beauty 

My already wide cosmetic collection has just been enlarged by four eyeshadow palettes. These are: Obsessions Palette Warm Brown, Obsessions Palette Mauve, Obsessions Palette Smokey and Obsessions Palette Electric. In the first one, you will find beautiful shades of brown, beige and shimmery gold, the second one offers violets and pink colours. The third one comprises a mix of black, grey, brown, beige and gold colours. The last, but not least, is a real madness of colours. This one has baby blue, turquoise, fuchsia, an intense yellow and orange shades. In each of the palettes, you will get matte and shimmery shades. Another great thing about Huda Beauty is that every palette comes with a mirror.

What are the Obsessions eyeshadows like?

Huda Beauty eyeshadows are of great quality; they are highly pigmented which give an intense effect that lasts throughout the day. Their consistency prevents from gathering in fine lines or from falling down on the cheeks. Obsessions eyeshadows blend perfectly with each other which gives the effect of a very professional and elegant make-up. With Huda Beauty eyeshadows you can create a natural, daily look and deep smokey eyes – depending on your mood or needs. A great product for every occasion, you only need a bit of manual skills or guidelines that are described below.

How to apply Huda Beauty eyeshadows?

If you wish to do a classic yet very popular smokey eye, firstly, apply a dark shade to the outer corners of your eyes and a medium shade to the middle. Use the lighter neutral shade to blend it all together. What is more, with the use of a thin brush, you can draw a line along your lashline, even wing it if you like. If you apply a shimmery sade to the middle of your eyelid, your make-up will be even more eye-catching. Thanks to Obsessions, your look will be stunning and you can be sure it will last as long as you need it to.

Are you a fan of Huda Beauty cosmetics? Have you ever tried any of them? 

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