How to Enhance Good Looks before Christmas?

My Christmas wish for you: Happy & Beautiful Holidays! ♥

Forget the dishes, cleaning and Christmas tree. It’s not all that matters. Christmas time is for meeting your family and beloved ones. The moment when you can take a breath and rest from the daily chores. Instead of adding new tasks, let’s find a moment for ourselves.

Is it possible to celebrate when you don’t feel good about yourself? Snowed under the household chores, try to find a moment just for yourself. Play a Christmas song, sit comfortably in an armchair and treat yourself to a pedicure, manicure, facial or anything that makes you feel good and relaxed.

We deserve the pre-Christmas beauty care!

Just one question arises – how can you organize yourself to find the time for beauty treatments? It’s not as hard as it seems. All you should do is plan your duties so that the evening before Christmas Eve is free for you. Applying a mask, exfoliating the skin or oiling the hair before sleep doesn’t take so much time. Make one pie less and find time for the Christmas beauty treatments.

How to do it? Step-by-step seems the best.


Your hands are exhausted and suffer most during the holiday season. Extremely dry, irritated, they often go through a lot due to kitchen appliances or scissors (while packing gifts). What can you do to make your hands look smooth and perfect by the Christmas table? Let me reveal a few of my magic tricks.

  • A few days before Christmas, I have gel nails done. On a daily basis, I don’t use nail polish. If I do, I go for the regular nail enamel. In the Christmas time, I want my nails to look nice and have a nice colour so gel is a great option for the holiday. It’s so long-wear that I don’t need to worry about chipping while cleaning. Another plus – I have my nails done so I don’t need to think about it on a day before Christmas Eve.
  • Before Christmas, I make sure my hand skin doesn’t get irritated. It’s the only moment when I reach out for rubbery gloves while cleaning and using chemicals e.g. doing the dishes, cleaning the floor. As a result, the skin on hands isn’t dry, irritated, itchy. It’s smooth and hydrated instead.
  • How to moisturise the hand skin during the Christmas season? Obviously, there’s no time for long baths, rubbing the lotions or applying masks. I do such things earlier and don’t leave them for the last days before Christmas. Still, I always have an intensively-hydrating hand lotion on me during the preparations. Special winter creams make the best choice because they’re rich in substances that lock in water e.g. oils, vaseline. I apply the lotion after I soak my hands in water; when they feel dry; when I have a moment between making a pudding and frying some fish.


A beautiful, radiant and rested face is something many women are missing while sitting at the Christmas dinner. No wonder. It’s easy to get under-eye dark circles and puffiness when we’re tired and don’t get enough sleep. How to care for the facial skin before Christmas? I’ll share a few hacks with you, hoping they’ll help.

  • A week before Christmas I like to treat myself to a bit of relaxation. Express skin treatments make a great solution (e.g. needleless mesotherapy, cavitation facial or yellow peel with vitamin C). There are as many possibilities as there are benefits. Express beauty treatments before Christmas time bring back skin firmness and smoothness, increase hydration, reduce irritation and even out the skin tone. After such procedures, you don’t need to worry your skin is going to look bad on the day before Christmas Eve. A beauty salon visit helps your skin tackle the Christmas madness.
  • I’m sure you know it all about the skincare routine. You must think all of the good tips over before Christmas. Cleaning the skin precisely matters a lot. It’s enough if you use a gentle exfoliator a few days before the holiday, remove makeup every day and use a toner for soothing the skin and restoring pH. If you sometimes forget to take makeup off, try to remember about it at least before this special time of year. Keeping the face skin clean is the key; even small impurities may cause irritations and give you an unwanted pimple on the Christmas Eve morning. We don’t want that, do we?
  • Similarly to hand care, the face skin care before Christmas should be based on one simple rule. Intensive moisturising and nourishing are important to provide the skin with the essential substances: vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to protect against the loss of hydration. Most of all, beautiful skin is a sign of your well-being. Christmas is the time we definitely shouldn’t forget about day and night creams. Feel free to use different products instead of night creams. I recommend a strongly-nourishing face oil.

Remember! ♥

Christmas is the time of rest and relaxation that the skin deserves. Apart from making sure your beloved ones have full bellies and amazing gifts, think about yourself. Your mood affects the Christmas atmosphere. A happy woman is the one who feels beautiful and attractive. Conclusion? Let’s take care of ourselves (not just before Christmas).

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