Professional Sun Protection. My List of Must-Have Products


Summer hasn’t gone yet so sun protection is still worth discussing. If you plan on frying yourself on the beach, going for a walk on a sunny day or weekend in the mountains – sunscreen makes a good choice. Why does it matter so much? You’ll find the answer in the post.

21st Century UV Protection

In the past, only greasy oils or poor quality sprays were available. There wasn’t much choice, was there? Now, sunscreen cosmetics have different formulas, shades and are designed for every body part. There are also the ones that don’t smudge your clothes (I’m quite sceptical about them). Some dermocosmetic brands offer smartphone apps that inform you about the sunlight intensity and suitable SPF filter you should use.

UV Filters for Skin

They have lightweight formula that neither clogs skin pores nor triggers acne breakouts. They spread quickly and don’t leave white smudges on your face. Some of the products can be applied instead of a makeup primer. How to do it? Drugstores and online shops offer cosmetics you can apply to wet or dry skin. They instantly absorb without leaving oily residue. Instead, they deliver the effect of smooth skin, even out its tone and cover blemishes. The most interesting part – they can work as foundation, even the anti-wrinkle one! Yes, all SPF-enriched products prevent the occurrence of wrinkles and pigmentation spots (which can appear after long sunbaths). Sun protection cosmetics match different skin types, including acne-prone, vascular, extremely dry skin.

UV Filters for Hair

Remember that hair also needs sun protection. Moisturising products are not enough. You need mists, oils, masks and conditioners with high SPF. Before every sunbath, apply such cosmetics to keep your hairdo hydrated, smooth and luminous. Don’t forget to protect hair ends from splitting.

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