My Brand-New Laura Mercier Volume Extreme Matte Lipstick


Applying a lipstick is my favorite makeup stage. I have quite a collection of lip balms, glosses and lipsticks. Laura Mercier Volume Extreme Matte Lipstick is one of them. How did it do among other lip makeup products?

Volume Extreme Matte Lipstick – an extreme lipstick?

That’s what the producer says. Everything’s extreme about this lipstick: the number of hues, the effects, easy application and durability. First things first. Laura Mercier offers as many as twenty-four shades, including pink, red, beige and violet. All of the colors deliver a matte finish. If you don’t like the effect, apply a clear and shimmering lip gloss. Let’s move on. The lipstick is strongly-pigmented so your lip makeup is going to surprise you with intensity and definition.

Application of Volume Extreme Matte Lipstick

Another extreme feature of the product is the easiest application possible. You simply twist the stick and coat your lips with Laura Mercier. If you like, use a small brush to precisely coat the lips. The lipstick is extremely long-wear but if you want to make it even longer-lasting, prime your lips first. Exfoliate the skin or apply a primer or foundation. Thanks to the products, your appearance will be extremely beautiful.

What are Volume Extreme Matte Lipstick benefits?

The lipstick makes lips look bigger. Although it gives a matte finish, the effect’s truly amazing. Secondly, no matter which hue you go for, Laura Mercier lipstick is a brilliant makeup enhancer. Remember one thing: if you use an intense shade, go for a soft eye makeup. And the other way round: choose strong eye makeup for the light lipstick. The effect’s gonna be extreme, that’s for sure!

Have you ever used Laura Mercier Volume Extreme Matte Lipsticks? 

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