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Eye shadows on the wall! Jean Michel Basquiat – two stunning Urban Decay palettes

When I saw them, I got goosebumps.

Urban Decay is a well-known brand for quite some time and basically most make-up artists, bloggers and vloggers will tell you that this is the world standard and the make-up cosmetics from the highest shelf. NAKED eye shadow palettes are an iconic line. Other brands get their inspiration from them. Urban Decay sets the make-up trends and forces the rest to create the infamous imitations.

Lately, two new palettes hit the market, and they cost me an ecstatic shock. I know, it may be childish to judge the product by its packaging, but here the packaging is… the reproduction of the painting by Basquiat. The palette itself holds eight beautiful and irreplaceable shades created to surprise with the colour and pigmentation. The palettes are a bow towards the Basquiat — American modern artist who belongs to the representatives of the new Expressionism, the graffitist, poet and close friend of Andy Warhol. Basquiat’s work and figure are personally close to my heart, so when I came across two palettes on the Urban Decay website with their packagings and colours directly relating to Basquiat, I knew that I had to have those. For the time being, I acquired one of them. The box was constructed so that you can hang it on the wall. I chose one of the two options called Tenart. It is the “more colourful” one, i.e. containing eye shadows from the deep, matte pink through soft and dark green all the way to the turquoise and navy blue. The palette is suitable for both the bold, extravagant make-up and the natural, catching eye summer look. The eye shadows are stunning, both colours and the execution, but also the pigmentation. It is worth to mention that these eye shadows contain, developed by Urban Decay pigmentation intensifying system. It makes the colours not only beautiful but also super long-lasting. I put my green-turquoise colours with shades from the Naked 1. Nonetheless, for all the fans of Basquiat out there who want to have this beauty, but have no other palette, I recommend the second version, which is Urban Decay Jean Michel Basquiat Gold Griot. Here the colours are neutral, from soft beige, through brown and copper to metallic gold and dark matte navy blue. The second palette is great because it is “self-sufficient” and you can create full make-up for every occasion. There is nothing else to say, but to finish with some Latin: Ars longa, vita brevis my lovely 🙂

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