Bourjois Volume Reveal – Is it worth buying?

Hi Girls,

I know that since the spring is coming, most of you’re considering changing your cosmetic arsenal. Obviously, we invest in a new face cream because the upcoming season requires a slightly different care, but what about colour cosmetics? Do you use other shades on your eyelids and lips in spring, summer and other in autumn? Many of my female friends go with the flow and also change their mascara to a new one. Naturally, the reason is super important “BECAUSE WHY NOT?” 😉

Anyway, this encouraged me to present you with my review that I wanted to post long time ago. Bourjois Volume Reveal – so a mascara that caused a sensation the moment it appeared on the drug store’s shelves. Actually, it isn’t known why the hype was so huge since there are thousands of eyelash extending mascaras on the market. Of course, this product was supposed to be different. Exquisite. So French 😉 with class and chic… and the eyelashes were supposed to be alike. Additionally, the package is so designer and it features a magnifying mirror. Undoubtedly, this is an imaginative and a little bit game-changing solution. Moreover, the spiral in Bourjois Volume Reveal is also exceptional and is to guarantee the outstanding effect of long eyelashes. Does the product really work that way?

Let me be honest with you from the beginning – Bourjois Volume Reveal isn’t for everyone.

Indeed, the mascara coats eyelashes beautifully and is good at separating them. In fact, the first coat doesn’t give us much (contrary to what we see in the magnifying mirror) so we have to wait a little bit for the eye make-up but the second coat provides us with the outcome we want to achieve.

Therefore, if you are looking for a mascara of eyelash extending feature – Bourjois Volume Reveal will satisfy your needs and, additionally, the spiral will separate the eyelashes precisely.

However, if you have eyelashes that are rather sparse and this forces you to search for a mascara that makes the eyelash root line thicker – you’ll be disappointed. Bourjois Volume Reveal won’t intensify the make-up, despite the fact that at the first glance we have the impression that we obtained the very effect – but that’s just the effect created by the magnifying mirror. Unfortunately, this is just a classic optical illusion. Since we’re talking about the mirror, it also happens to be quite troublesome at using because it gathers finger marks all over itself therefore, before you start coating your eyelashes, you have to clean it precisely.

My eyelashes are rather long and dense so Bourjois Volume Reveal serves them well. I award the product with another plus since it doesn’t flake off. Also, I like it for preserving its consistency unchanged. It’s also worth mentioning that the mascara itself as a colour cosmetic is very good and the consistency enables you to apply even three layers without leaving the lumps on lashes.

On the other hand, I gave a minus for the misleading volume word in the name of the product. Also, I’m not sure whether the mirror with this everlasting finger marks should be considered as useful. The mascara itself won’t serve all eyelashes.

To sum up, I recommend Bourjois Volume Reveal to all the girls who have rather thick eyelashes and expect a mascara to extend them. I advise against using the mascara by those whose eyelashes are sparse.

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