Getting tanned without the sun? What bronzing cosmetics imitate natural suntan?

Hi Girls,

The summer is in its full swing. We do our best to catch every single sun ray because we want our skin to be chocolate-like brownish. Unfortunately, there is a group of girls who can’t enjoy this summer activity because of their sensitive skin, allergies or some ailments that hamper exposing their bodies to the sun. Luckily enough, they can have brown skin too. How is it possible? Suffice it to give a go to the right cosmetics.

I bet you aren’t even aware of the massive amount of skin bronzing cosmetics that you can have this moment. Creams, balms, bronzers, wipes, and even spray on tights. Indeed, there is plenty to choose from. Let’s begin with the bronzer, so from the cosmetics that is known to all the girls. This product is great at skin colouring and topping up make-up. It adds shine, evens skin tone and makes the face look as if it was sun-kissed. Bronzer can be used to shape face, cleavage, shoulders and even legs.

Similar task is handled by BB creams, balms, mousses and sprays. Their consistency is light and, therefore, such products are easy to apply. However, there is one issue that has to be borne in mind while using them. Namely, all of the above-mentioned cosmetics must be massaged into skin precisely. Only in this way can you avoid smudges and marks from appearing on your body skin. Another crucial point is that, if you look for obtaining the perfect final outcome then before you apply a bronzing cosmetic, use peeling. Thanks to this marvellous cosmetic, you will eliminate skin unevenness, get rid of dead epidermis cells and smooth the entire body.

Drops, gels and self-tanning towelettes are fairly intriguing products. Drops and gels’ formula resembles serum. You can combine the first bronzing product with a moisturising cream or a make-up foundation. When it comes to the gel, this product works best as a make-up base. It has light consistency, which is why, it leaves neither smudges nor marks. Moreover, it gets absorbed promptly therefore you can follow with applying make-up almost immediately. Now, a few words about self-tanning towelettes. Such beauty products are great for being used on trips since they don’t occupy much space in a suitcase, are easy to apply and deliver fine effects. The only drawback self-tanning towelettes have is the fact that you have to know how to use them since they can leave smudges on your legs.

Did you know that skin can get tanned thanks to natural substances and products? Give a go to soy oil, oak bark, sunflower oil, macadamia nut oil, coffee and tea. Of course, don’t expect these substances to deliver long-lasting and intensive effect. Therefore, if you look for dark brown colour of your skin, you have to use such natural products systematically and, additionally, throughout the entire summer.

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