A Cosmetic irritated me! My ways for a healthy and calm complexion


The skin is burning, the face is red and the skin becomes flaky? It’s nothing else but irritation caused by a cosmetic. If such unpleasant surprises happened to you, then you must find a remedy as soon as possible. What to do when your products are playing tricks?

Thermal water and compresses

It’s the best you can do for skin irritation. Replace all the cosmetics you use to cleanse your skin with thermal water and compresses. The task of thermal water is to alleviate irritation, moisturize the skin and calm down inflammation. Dressings have a similar effect. You can use herbal infusions, green tea or aloe extracts for this purpose. Just make sure that the temperature of the compress is lower than the rest of the body.

Soothing cream and an ointment with vitamin A

When my skin is irritated, I apply as much soothing cream as I can. I choose a product that contains natural ingredients, a light and non-clogging formula and works fairly quickly and effectively. An equally good solution is to use an ointment with vitamin A. It works best on dry, rough skin that needs thorough moisturising. It is best to apply the ointment to the whole face, before going to sleep. In the morning, my face is soft, moisturized, smooth and soothed.

See a doctor! 

If the facial irritation is strong or persists for a long time, you should definitely see a doctor. The dermatologist will prescribe the right cosmetics or medications. They will be matched to your skin type and its needs. In extreme cases, it is best to go to the emergency room. They will deal with your face in no time. They will also advise you on further proper care so your face won’t face to face irritation ever again.

Give up makeup for some time 

You don’t really need makeup and there is no need to force yourself to cover up skin irritation. What’s more, makeup cosmetics only contribute to worsening this situation; they clog pores, cause swelling or rash. When your complexion is irritated, do not expose yourself to long-lasting sunlight. Remember that in this case, you will need a cream with high UV filters.

And how do you, girls, deal with skin irritations? Do you have any reliable methods?

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