Smudging makeup – how to perform vanishing eye make-up?

Hey, today I have another dose of make-up inspirations for you.

I love to share on my blog all that I manage to find on the Internet. I follow all the make-up trends, this is why you will always find the fresh news in this department. As it turns out, being a make-up fan has its benefits, because thanks to it I have plenty of ideas for my posts.

Topic of the day: SMUDGING MAKEUP

What is it? This is yet another “Instagram” make-up trend that you should know about because it works great in the summer. It is a very delicate version of smoky eye that perfectly makes your eyes pop in the summer sun.

I encourage you to get to know this make-up a bit better, because:

  • it is easy to execute even for those people who lack skills;
  • it is perfect for the summer, e.g. for the holiday trip;
  • it requires the minimum of cosmetics.

I think there is no need for further convincing of anyone. Believe me that smudging makeup is one of the easiest make-up ideas that suits almost everyone and is very subtle while perfectly highlighting natural beauty.

Smudging makeup — how to perform it?

You need only 2 things:
one eye shadow colour + soft blending brush

Apply on the eyelid the one eye shadow. We have summer so it is best to use delicate shades, but it is also important to match it with your skin complexion, eye and hair colour (read below). What’s important is to blend the chosen colour in a circular motion to the moment when it starts to blend in with the skin and creates a gentle transition between colours. It requires your patience, because blending the eye shadow may take a while. Smudging makeup will hold best when you apply eye shadow base first, but this is not an imperative.

Who can benefit from smudging makeup?

Givenchy Le Make-Up ambassador highlights a fact that make-up depends on the shape of eyes. This is why, because this make-up looks like a foggy cloud with no expressive edges, there is no necessity of worrying about the eyes’ shape. What matters is to achieve this subtle transition between the eye shadow and the skin.

Smudging makeup can be performed with red, orange or yellow eye shadows (summer edition), but also with pastels, like peach, mint, lemon, powder pink (for girly version) or brown and copper (for toned down make-up).

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