Nivea Silk Mousse – Is mousse better than the balm?

Lately, I came across something new, that took me by surprise. I know cosmetics quite well because years of working with them made me experienced in the field. However, body mousse is something I see for the first time. There was a foam or a balm with light formula, but mousse is absolutely new to me and I want to share it with you today 🙂

Body mousse. Better than the balm?

The majority of women choose body balm or butter for the skincare. Both products are thick, full-bodied and that makes us believe that have more intense action. However, the effectiveness depends not on the texture, but the composition. The thing that matters is nutrients and their combination.

I see at least 5 advantages of the body mousse:

  • nourishes and moisturises skin during washing, for example, in the shower;
  • is light-weight, so is easier to apply on skin;
  • thanks to the mousse’s formula, it absorbs right after the application;
  • no greasiness, only silky soft skin;
  • the perfect cosmetic for the summer, when butter and balms are too heavy.

NIVEA Silk Mousse

I write about it below! My first encounter with body mousse was when I was looking at Nivea products. This is a novelty in few fragrance versions (if I may say it) and with various properties. It coats skin with velvety layer and provides softness. All of it under the shower, which saves you the time you would have to spend on the application of body balm after getting out of the shower. Clever!

NIVEA Silk Mousse is available in two versions:

  • Nivea Silk Mousse rhubarb & raspberry — skincare thanks to the combination of ripe raspberries and fresh rhubarb and natural silk extract.
  • Nivea Silk Mousse lemon & moringa — refreshing skincare with juicy lemon and aromatic moringa tree and natural silk extract.

Besides the summer edition of body mousse from Nivea, there are also three basic versions: Nivea Silk Mousse Creme Care, Nivea Silk Mousse Creme Soft and Nivea Silk Mousse Creme Smooth. I recommend these body mousses to all of you who value traditional skincare methods.

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