Strong & Beautiful Eyelashes? I Know the Easy Way!


Long and full eyelashes are the symbol of femininity. What do you do to keep them this way and look stunning? Lengthening mascaras, lash curlers or castor oil? Believe me, there are far better ways to enjoy strong and beautiful eyelashes. What are these? Read the post!

Don’t Rub Your Eyes

If you do, you weaken your lashes and irritate the sensitive skin of eyelids. Moreover, regular and harsh rubbing of the eyes can lead to wrinkles around them. What happens to the lashes? They are weak, brittle and thinning. Fancy a piece of advice? When something gets to your eye, carefully tilt the eyelid back and check if you can take the irritating fleck out. Don’t rub the eyes as it could make them more painful. You’ve shed a tear? Wipe it off with a tissue and keep your head up! Follow similar steps in makeup removal routine. Soak a cotton pad with micellar water and gently press it to the eyelids. Wait a moment until makeup dissolves. Your skin and lashes are clean!

Don’t Sleep with Makeup On

If you keep doing so, you don’t realize how much harm you do to your eyelashes and eyelid skin. Makeup, sebum and sweat – that settled throughout the day – can trigger acne breakouts, irritations and blackheads in a flash. To make things worse, a mascara can stick lashes together, cause watery eyes and even trigger conjunctivitis. That’s why put your mind to makeup removal every time you go to sleep.

No for Waterproof Mascara?

Waterproof beauty products are must-haves during weddings, summer holidays or winter ski trips. Use them freely on such occasions. Sadly, using a waterproof mascara daily is bad for your eyelashes. Why? Just think about the effort you’ll have to put to take such a product off. Rubbing the lashes and using bi-phase removers has a huge impact on the skin which gets extremely dry whereas lashes become fragile, brittle and start thinning.

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