Glitter eyeliner by Bobbi Brown: Long Wear Liquid Liner


Eyeliner is my speciality. As you may figure it out, my cosmetic bag is overflown with eye pencils, eyeliners and other cosmetics for eye make-up. One of them is Long Wear Liquid Liner by Bobbi Brown.

Eyeliner Bobbi Brown — the glittery eye

Long Wear Liquid Liner by Bobbi Brown has liquid consistency containing shimmering pigments. It will work perfectly for the carnival party or formal dinner. The formula makes application a bit difficult but luckily dries fast and is long-lasting. Make-up with eyeliner by Bobbi Brown may not be able to last the whole day on oily skin or if you have hooded eyes.

How to use the eyeliner?

Choose one of six colours and with use of brush apply to the eyelid. The brand colour propositions are: Carbon Black, Baltic Blue Sparkle, Forest Sparkle, Golden Bronze Sparkle, Night Sky Sparkle and Violet Sparkle. The Bobbi Brown cosmetic has long and precise applicator so you can easily draw a line on the eyelid. How to do it? Shake before use. Position brush horizontally and in one move draw a line along eyelashes root line. Wait a moment so that the line dries.

What is the effect provided by Long Wear Liquid Liner?

Bobbi Brown eyeliner can be worn as an individual cosmetic or as a complementation for the eye make-up. The cosmetic ensures incredible shine and goes perfectly with matte eye shadows. It is long-lasting, does not flake nor rubs off. Remember about the incline angle for the line. If you target the feline flick or want to make eye optically bigger then the line at the external corner must be rising. The thicker line the denser eyelashes will appear.

What eyeliners do you like? Perhaps you have had the possibility to use Long Wear Liquid Liner by Bobbi Brown yourself?

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