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Thorough makeup removal: review of Nanobrow Micellar Makeup Remover

Hey, dear readers! Many of you write to me about your problems with skin conditions. You complain about excessively dry facial skin, irritation, clogged skin pores, imperfections, pimples and inflammation. Many people have skin problems and it is really rare for someone to have flawless skin. Fortunately, it is possible to significantly improve the skin condition. You simply need to clean your face thoroughly –[…]

Facts & myths about eyelash extensions. Does this procedure really damage your own lashes?

Eyelash extensions procedure enjoys a huge popularity. Like… HUGE. Beauty salons lure us with their special offers, and many girls (I’m sure you know at least one) do courses and receive training on attaching falsies to natural lashes so they can make your own lashes longer and fuller-looking at home. This is why sometimes it’s hard to make up your mind and choose the place[…]

I Washed My Face with Water Only for a Month! Results Are Shocking!

What do you use for face washing? It is probably a gel, foam or other cleanser. I’ve got my favorite face wash too but I decided on an experiment. I got inspired by my husband! My morning and evening routines involve multiple stages but still imperfections appear on my face from time to time. On the other hand, my husband uses nothing but… water (sometimes[…]