Mehendi – The art of tattooing. How to do henna tattoo?

Are you dreaming about having a tattoo but you’re afraid that you will become fed up with it soon enough? Do you like oriental patterns? Well, it may appear that henna tattoo is the perfect solution for you! Hindu ritual of hand and foot decorating with a complicated pattern made of henna has its well-known name mehendi, or sometimes mehndi. In most cases, such tattoos[…]

My favourite highlighter. Wibo Strobing Make Up Shimmer Kit

Since I’ve learned about strobing (face contouring with light) I became the biggest fan of highlighters. I gathered quite a collection and I still haven’t found the perfect one. Even among the most expensive srobing palettes in the world that are said to be the best and the greatest. Either I’m picky or there really isn’t the perfect cosmetic. Wibo Strobing Make Up Shimmer Kit[…]

Foundation for special events! Smashbox Studio Skin

Hi! I am sure that many of you have already tested out thousands of foundations and still haven’t found the ideal one. I know the feeling! I have had the same problem until I came across Smashbox Studio Skin totally by accident. Is it my number one hit among foundations? Maybe it is only suitable for big events? What will you get from Smashbox foundation? Studio[…]

Glitter eyeliner by Bobbi Brown: Long Wear Liquid Liner

Hi! Eyeliner is my speciality. As you may figure it out, my cosmetic bag is overflown with eye pencils, eyeliners and other cosmetics for eye make-up. One of them is Long Wear Liquid Liner by Bobbi Brown. Eyeliner Bobbi Brown — the glittery eye Long Wear Liquid Liner by Bobbi Brown has liquid consistency containing shimmering pigments. It will work perfectly for the carnival party[…]

How to Camouflage Dark Under-Eye Circles? Lancome Le Corrector Pro Concealer Kit

Hey! Under-eye dark circles are among the imperfections that have been bothering me. So far, I’d been camouflaging them with foundation and a regular concealer. They got bigger, darker and harder to hide. Luckily, I found Lancome Le Corrector Pro Concealer Kit at a drugstore. Lancome Le Corrector Pro Concealer Kit The set consists of concealers in three shades for all skin tones. There’s a[…]