How to take care of dry skin? A few beauty tricks


It hurts, burns, flakes off, it’s red … That’s what dry skin looks like. The care of this type of complexion is not easy, which does not mean that it cannot be professionally carried out. Just follow my tricks and your skin will regain its proper condition.

First of all, exfoliate 

Do not use a random scrub, go for the enzyme peel! It’s the best solution for dry skin. The enzyme peel is a gentle cosmetic resembling a face maks. It works by loosening the connections between cells and exfoliating them. The plant enzymes are responsible for the entire process, which simultaneously nourish, moisturize and improve the shine of the skin. How should enzyme peel be used? All you need to do is apply it to the cleansed face the same way as you would apply the mask, and after a certain period of time (specified by the producer) wash off with lukewarm water.

Secondly, a quick shower

Both shower and bath should not last longer than fifteen minutes. Too much time spent in hot water makes the skin dry and removes the protective hydro-lipid barrier from its surface. While showering, use cream balms and after – cosmetic butter. Do not use coarse peels, rough sponges and any other products made of artificial materials. Dry skin absorbs oils well. When you apply them right after a bath or shower, they will create a protective layer on the entire body.

Thirdly, try to avoid sudden temperature changes 

Dry skin does not like high temperatures. Also, it does not like when you enter a heated room straight from a cold court. Heat dries the skin, and sudden temperature change cause irritation. Therefore, avoid solar radiation, staying in air-conditioned rooms, using tanning beds, long walks in winter on exceptionally cold days.

Last, but not least – eat clean 

In regard to your dietary plan, make sure to include products rich in fatty acids, vitamins and microelements. A wealth of ingredients that will take care of your skin can be found in fish, fruits and vegetables, eggs, vegetable oils, almonds and nuts. Remember to consume about 2 litres of water a day. This way, you will hydrate the body and skin from the inside.

How do you take care of your dry skin?

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