How to make your own self-tanning cream? | Coffee, tea & cocoa

– Good morning! Here’s summer speaking! May I talk with you? Surprised? If you haven’t managed to catch spring tan, I may offer you a few tried-and-tested recipes for homemade self-tanning products. They neither smell bad nor leave stains, yet bring out this natural delicate brownish shade to body skin. To me, tanned skin looks really beautiful. I’m lucky enough to get sun-kissed fairly fast,[…]

My fav skin and hair care gadgets: Wet Brush-Pro, Donegal, Kryolan, Elit

Hello! I bet, every girl has her own secret tricks concerning taking care of skin and hair. In most cases, these include applying expensive cosmetics on a daily basis, regular visits at a beautician/SPA or putting homemade products on. My secret is using a few gadgets that combined with appropriate, constant care and make-up brings out marvellous effects. Which accessories do I make use of?[…]