5 home remedies for obtaining snow-white smile. How do I do this?

We’re flooded with advertisements of wonderful products and treatments that guarantee a white smile. I tested most of them and I’m totally positive that the best methods of tooth whitening belong to the natural ones. To make them even better, these methods are cheap and can be applied at home. Thereupon here I come with a short How-To Guide which I created on the basis[…]

How to dye hair at home? Natural hair colouring methods

Yes, this is another post from the series: ‘How to get a particular effect using natural methods only?’. Designed especially for all of you who want to know how to dye hair at home without using the already-made dyes and other colouring products. I guarantee, it’s possible! As an introduction I should say something about hair colouring. I’m sure you already know that hair dyeing[…]