Chocolate body care! What are the applications of chocolate in cosmetology?

SPA chocolate treatments are enjoying quite a popularity nowadays. Is it only due to this marvellous smell that stimulates appetite? See for yourself 🙂 Undoubtedly, chocolate is underestimated when it comes to its beautifying action. Why is that? First and foremost, we think that food products we consume shouldn’t be used to treat our body with; we consider them as unsuitable for skin beautifying purposes.[…]

Let the sun stay with you for longer! How to extend lifespan of suntan?

Girls! Year after year the scenario remains unchanged: we return form our holiday covered with beautiful suntan and after a few weeks this sunny bronze vanishes and we are pale again. It’s high time to put an end to this misfortune. However, before I start describing the issue in detail, I need to explain two important things first: What’s suntan? In plain English, it’s the[…]

Mehendi – The art of tattooing. How to do henna tattoo?

Are you dreaming about having a tattoo but you’re afraid that you will become fed up with it soon enough? Do you like oriental patterns? Well, it may appear that henna tattoo is the perfect solution for you! Hindu ritual of hand and foot decorating with a complicated pattern made of henna has its well-known name mehendi, or sometimes mehndi. In most cases, such tattoos[…]

How to make your own self-tanning cream? | Coffee, tea & cocoa

– Good morning! Here’s summer speaking! May I talk with you? Surprised? If you haven’t managed to catch spring tan, I may offer you a few tried-and-tested recipes for homemade self-tanning products. They neither smell bad nor leave stains, yet bring out this natural delicate brownish shade to body skin. To me, tanned skin looks really beautiful. I’m lucky enough to get sun-kissed fairly fast,[…]