How to identify and take care of various skin types? My methods

Skin type is a genetically determined primary skin condition. Proper care of individual skin types is possible only if they are correctly identified. There are a few basic types of skin: normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin as well as their variations. Although the skin type is stored in genes, it can be changed by external factors. The type of skin is determined by[…]

Beauty hacks all girls should know

Hello girls, Let me show you 5 useful beauty tricks that will rescue you from many make-up predicaments. Read the article cause it’s worth it 😉 1. If you have run out of an eye-liner, you can pick up a little bit of the ink from your mascara’s wand. Just take your eyeliner’s applicator and gather the black liquid from the mascara’s brush. Basically, a[…]

How do I take care of my eye skin area? Treatments and cosmetics for women at all ages

Hello girls! Women’s skin of all ages require various care methods. Young girls (like we) should use completely different cosmetics than our mums or grandmas do. If you would like to learn how to take care of eye skin area, read my entry to the very end. 20+ SKIN Skin is slowly ageing. It’s becoming thinner, dehydrated and sensitive. It gets damaged by the sun,[…]

How to Care for Young Skin to Avoid Wrinkles in the Future?

Hi, girls! Sadly, not each of us knows how to take the right care of a young skin. Result? Wrinkles, extremely dry skin and post-sun age spots. If you want to avoid such imperfections, read on about the face care, the best preventive treatments and products. When to start the anti-aging prophylaxis? 30-35 is the best age. You get crow’s feet and around-lip lines. It’s[…]

How to help the summer settle on your skin for long? Ways of having permanently tanned skin and summer make-up

Hey! Sadly, the summer is coming to an end but somehow it’s still hard for us to shift to cooler temperatures and wearing thicker clothing. The only thing that you can do to extend the lifespan of your suntan is through using the right cosmetics. Bronzer, eyeshadows, powder, self-tanners… They are just some of the products prolonging the summer looks. How to use them right?[…]