Things you just cannot do! Bad habits that make you lose beauty

Hello! They are our habits, behaviours taken from mothers and friends or spied on the web and on social networks. Meanwhile, they can be harmful to our skin or our hair. What are we talking about? It’s the habits through which you lose your beauty. Can you somehow unlearn them? And how to protect ourselves from them? Tightly tied hair  Smoothly combed, tightly tucked up[…]

A Cosmetic irritated me! My ways for a healthy and calm complexion

Hello! The skin is burning, the face is red and the skin becomes flaky? It’s nothing else but irritation caused by a cosmetic. If such unpleasant surprises happened to you, then you must find a remedy as soon as possible. What to do when your products are playing tricks? Thermal water and compresses It’s the best you can do for skin irritation. Replace all the[…]

Mud, Clay, Volcano Ash, Active Charcoal… Will These Ingredients Enhance Your Skin?

Hello! You have no idea how many valuable ingredients the Earth conceals. Cosmetologists have learnt to make use of them. Most of these precious substances can be found in beauty products. What are their skin benefits? Must check it out! Active charcoal face mask Charcoal has amazing properties. It cleans the skin pores, brightens the skin and gently exfoliates. At drugstores, you’ll find lots of[…]