A Cosmetic irritated me! My ways for a healthy and calm complexion

Hello! The skin is burning, the face is red and the skin becomes flaky? It’s nothing else but irritation caused by a cosmetic. If such unpleasant surprises happened to you, then you must find a remedy as soon as possible. What to do when your products are playing tricks? Thermal water and compresses It’s the best you can do for skin irritation. Replace all the[…]

Hot Summer Novelties. What Make-Up & Skin Care Products To Buy?

Hello, girls! There are so many cosmetic novelties at drugstores! The post is about the ones I am going to buy: make-up cosmetics and caring products. Enjoy reading my latest article. Guerlain Terracotta Chic Tropic Bronzing Powder The new Guerlain powder is so beautiful. The container looks like a fancy jewel case with an engraved logo and name. You find the amazing product inside. There[…]