Sephora Winter Collection. Eye and face makeup palettes Wonderful Stars and Winter Magic Palette

Hello,¬† Winter has finally arrived! The snow crunches under the shoes and frost paints icy patterns on our windows. What else could you ask for…well, there is something a woman would like to have. Cosmetics! But not any cosmetics –¬† the special ones that will help you create a beautiful winter and Christmas makeup. I am talking about two makeup palettes¬†Wonderful Stars and Winter Magic[…]

My huge make-up palette: Into the Stars by Sephora

Hello Girls, I guess, cosmetics sets have to find their place at every cosmetoholic’s home. I have Into the Stars bought in Sephora. It’s just massive and enables me to do make-up without applying any other products. How does it look like and is it useful for daily make-up? You’re going to find this out thanks to my today’s entry. How does Into the Stars[…]