Monsieur Big or “a big mistake” – New mascara by Lancome. My review

Hi, Girls! You have expected that this day will come, didn’t you? You knew that once new high-end mascara will appear, I will immediately get it and test it — especially for you. New mascara by Lancome with daring name Monsieur Big has quite flattering reviews on the Internet. Was it equally good in my test? Oh… Monsieur… You brag a little too much, wouldn’t[…]

Bourjois Volume Reveal – Is it worth buying?

Hi Girls, I know that since the spring is coming, most of you’re considering changing your cosmetic arsenal. Obviously, we invest in a new face cream because the upcoming season requires a slightly different care, but what about colour cosmetics? Do you use other shades on your eyelids and lips in spring, summer and other in autumn? Many of my female friends go with the[…]