My new set of cosmetics from Benefit: Beauty & The Bay

Hiya! I just love cosmetics that come in sets! My newest one is Beauty & The Bay from¬†Benefit Cosmetics. Now, I am able to create my favourite makeup every morning in no time. Thanks to it, I look and feel amazing! What products come in the set? What effects do they provide? Keep reading and see for yourself.¬† Beauty & The Bay from Benefit Cosmetics[…]

My favourite highlighter. Wibo Strobing Make Up Shimmer Kit

Since I’ve learned about strobing (face contouring with light) I became the biggest fan of highlighters. I gathered quite a collection and I still haven’t found the perfect one. Even among the most expensive srobing palettes in the world that are said to be the best and the greatest. Either I’m picky or there really isn’t the perfect cosmetic. Wibo Strobing Make Up Shimmer Kit[…]

Yves Saint Laurent: Touche Eclat Radiance Perfecting Pen

Hello! It works just excellent, it’s easy to apply and the results it delivers are immediate. And this is Yves Saint Laurent: Touche Eclat Radiance Perfecting Pen, at least in my humble opinion. However, what’s it performance when applied daily? Go on reading my entry to find this out. Touche Eclat by YSL – What’s this? Indeed, it resembles a small pen because, after all,[…]