My 5 Proven Tricks for Clear Complexion

Girls! I thought it would be an amazing idea to give you some easy-to-follow tips that will help you get a clear and flawless complexion. I’m sure you won’t know all the tricks I’m going to reveal at the moment. Are you ready? So let’s start, shall we?

My 5 proven tricks for clear complexion

PROVEN TRICK #1: Face tonic as the core of skincare

There is no better way to balance skin’s pH than wipe it with a face tonic every day. This budget-friendly beauty product removes not only all impurities from the face, but it also makes skin ready for other treatments that you planned to do. To me, a facial tonic is an absolute must and needs to be applied daily.

PROVEN TRICK #2: Makeup removal at bedtime

Perhaps it’s obvious to most of you, but there are some women who go to bed wearing makeup on their faces. This happens mostly when they are either exhausted after a long day at work, or a little bit tired after dancing all night in a club. If you want your skin to look flawless, you must always remove makeup before falling asleep. Actually, by taking off the color cosmetics from your face, you also free your skin from the sebum, dirt and dust that gathered throughout the day.

PROVEN TRICK #3: UV protection for unblemished skin

The sun helps our body produce vitamin D, that’s obvious, but too much sun is bad. Like, terrible. UV makes skin age faster and causes discoloration. This process even has its name – photoagheing. For that reason, I suggest applying some kind of SPF every day before going out. Naturally, you don’t need to use the sunscreens you apply to the body before sunbathing, because face creams and foundations enriched with sun protection filters work perfectly fine as well.

PROVEN TRICK #4: Facial massage for younger-looking skin

Facial massage, also known as facial yoga, is an incredibly pleasant way to keep the skin youthful-looking and brighter. Do it for a few weeks and you will see a huge improvement in the appearance of your skin. It will get visibly clearer and firmer. If you had 5-10 minutes to spend on massaging your face, that would be great. Open YouTube and find some facial yoga tutorials. Trust me, it’s nothing difficult 🙂

PROVEN TRICK #5: Physical activity for happier skin

Now something that not everyone is fond of, which is a pity. If you move your body regularly, you encourage the organism to secrete endorphins, which makes you feel better and more energetic. If you walk, dance or run just for 30 minutes, you increase the metabolic rate in every cell of the body, including the skin. That’s why you shouldn’t skip working out if you want your skin to look flawless.

Final thoughts

As you can see, making skin clear isn’t that hard, is it? All you need to do is follow these five pieces of advice, making them your habits.

Do you have other universal tips for clear skin?

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